Repair, don’t Replace

surface repair

Repair, don’t Replace

Surface Repair

The surfaces in your home withstand a lot of wear and tear on a day-to-day basis. Ranging from heavy use to pets‘ scratches, children’s playtime and occasional knocks and bumps. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that sooner or later you will find yourself with a scratch, chipcrack or stain on your surfaces to contend with.  

So, what do you do when this happens? At Oakdene, our advice is always: repair, don’t replace. 

Replacing your surfaces every time they become slightly damaged is costly and, in most cases, not needed. Think about it: why would you throw money away replacing surfaces if there is a more cost-effective alternative? 

It’s a common misconception, that once damaged, surfaces are ruined permanently. Fortunately, this is not true at all. Providing the correct equipment is used and the necessary procedures are carried out by an experienced professional, your surfaces, in all but a handful of cases, can be restored to look their best again. 

Before:                        After:



Which surfaces can we repair?

At Oakdene, our team of highly-skilled surface repair specialists can provide repairs to near enough any hard surface within your home including:

  • Tile
  • Wood
  • Metal (spray finished or not) 
  • Stone
  • Sinks and Baths


Why Oakdene?

Virtually every surface in your home can be repaired and restored by us, thereby eliminating the stress, costs and hassle that comes with removing and replacing your old or damaged surfaces. We operate around Kent and the South East, constantly repairing scratches, cracks and chips wherever we go. Most of Oakdene’s surface repairs are carried out on site and in a timely manner, resulting in as little disruption to your day and your home as possible.  

Repairing your surfaces rather than replacing them doesn’t just save you money, time and hassle. It even has a positive effect on the environment too. This is because surface repair services significantly reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill in comparison to replacement services. 

We have built up our portfolio working in high-end hotel and residential areas as well as private houses, so you know that with Oakdene, your surfaces are in the safest hands as we have been trusted with the best.  

 Give your damaged surfaces a new lease of life by repairing, not replacing them. If you would like to know how we can help you and your worktops, then contact us today.  


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